Maker: Nomura/TN

JAPAN circa 1956

One of Nomura's all time best selling products is Zoomer the Robot.It is battery operated and features a cubist torso,blinking/illuminated eyes,coiled wire form head antenna,a long metallic aerial coming out of his back pack, claw hands and that iconic wrench on the right hand..Below see the color variations..

Zoomer appeared under different names in the robot market,late in 1956(Radar Robot) with a retail price of..$1.98.

The Ratchet Robot is the wind-up version of Zoomer, and sports a hole in the chest for some serious spark action ,sparkling red eyes,coiled wire form head antenna,a long metallic aerial,and finally..thee classic "wrench" on the right hand..

The packaging features some wicked "gangsta style NYC action" with Ratchet holding a machine gun and terrorizing the unsuspecting civillians. :)

Height - 20 cm

Zoomer,silver/blue version ,MIOB $1.440

Radar,red/black version,MIOB $2.700

Radar remote ctrl,MIOB $3.000

Ratchet-blue version,MIOB $1.100

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00)

(Ratchet,Radar box pictures courtesy of Alphadrome)