Maker: Kanto/SNK

JAPAN circa 1950

SNK/Kanto Television Robot is clearly based on the other SNK products..

(ie.Flashy Jim,Roving)

SNK's design is extremely evocative and iconic but because they weren;t dedicated at marking their products with logos,this toy features a Kanto logo.

*TV Robot

For the Sankei Television-take out the reference to Kanto. Kanto's trademark(if it is indeed theirs' is similiar to Sankei-the Sankei K has little serifs coming off the K and the Kanto doesn't-they are both contained within four quartered circles.) There was certainly some type of collaboration as regards both Sankei Television and the equally great Robot 5 but SNK and Sankei have totally different trademarks.

Sankei is Sankei Kogyo(Koygo means industry) whereas SNK is not "short" for Sankei but stands for Shin Nichi Kogyo which was another Japanenese company.

(info c/o Steve/Whishis)

Television Robot has a very strong wind-up mechanism with forward moving action,sparkling action and illuminated eyes.

The lithographic details in both robots are awesome and pretty colorful !

Television Robot is a highly valuable variant of the SNK family..

Just take a look below at the Griffiths auction final price!

*Mighty Robot


HEIGHT - 8 inches/ 20,3 cm

MIOB $ 24.900(for the Sankei Television with box)

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00)

*(pictures courtesy of Alphadrome)