Maker: Nomura/TN

JAPAN circa 1960

Space Robot X-70 aka Tulip Robot is an unusually made toy.

It is something like a Trojan Horse from the Greek Mythology,with it's hidden surprises !

Tulip is a unique blend of tin plate and plastic (purple tin body,head,legs and plastic molded orange arms).

It is battery operated and moves forward smoothly but....stops after 5 steps and it's head splits open revealing a plastic colorful rotating lighted camera and screen...

Original packaging of the toy is very hard to be found.

The box artwork is also awesome and features a very colorful Saturn and our giant Tulip destroyer with huge metallic claw hands-completely different to the robot's real hands!

Height- 30 cm

MIOB $ 1.920

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00)