Maker: Yonezawa/Linemar

JAPAN circa 1957

The Easel-back family has many members as you can see..

Note the blue headed Easel-back,it is a rarity.

These colorful variants featuring stylized lithography,simple walking action movement and the weird metallic butterfly-paperclip in the back to stabilize them.

Note this version with the clear plastic dome and remote control.It comes in a bright red box and is highly desirable.


Height- 6 1/2 inches/16.5 cm(up to the radar/dome)

MIOB Domed/battery op-Easel-$ 2.280

MIOB remote controlled-Easel-$ 1.320

MIOB scarce riveted version-Easel-$ 840

MIOB grey version/red target chest-Easel-NO bids..

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00)