Maker: Masudaya/MT

JAPAN circa 1963


Target Robot is a battery operated toy and the rarest member of the famous "Gang of Five".

It is finished in violet blue color with red,yellow and green ascents.

Target Robot comes with a dart gun and darts which can be fired at the robot's chestplate-when activated the robot travels forward with swinging arms,when struck he turns in retreat,eyes and ears flash,mouthpiece illuminates and he emits a scarey roaring sound while turning back to attack again!!!!

Shooting Game Robot boasts very nice lithographic art and the box shows the toy in grey color,with illuminated ears,colorful star studded target button, in a deserted Martian landscape with Planet Earth in the background...

Height 15 inches/ 38 cm

MIOB $ 15.600

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00)