Maker: Strenco

 WEST GERMANY circa 1955



Strenco was a German toymaker of Patented toys from Nuremberg.

The ST-1/Zoomer debate

"I have a feeling that the Strenco ST-1 is actually the third tinplate wind up robot (after Lilliput and Atomic Robot Man). The reason I think this is because its fixed arms serve a purpose (cart pushing) which was probably copied as a point of style in Zoomer and the Alps Mechanical Brain. It also does not have wheels. I am sure that if Strenco was simply copying Zoomer they would have added wheels instead of those rubber pads which work so poorly".
Thanks to King Manmos,for his well respected views.

ST-1 is a keywind robot,with slow walking action(mudflaps),emits sparks via port in his chest,and proudly sports a head coiled aerial,a long metallic antenna in the back,fixed unposeable arms that fit in his space cart..

The Cart variation is scarce,and surfaced at the Griffiths auction with a pre-sale estimate of $2.500-3.000,and strangely ..had no bids.

MIOB $1.200 (no cart!)