Maker: Sankei/SNK

JAPAN circa 1957


The SNK/Sankei debate:

SNK is not another name for Sankei-it stands for Shin Nichi Kogyo.

(Kogyo is japanese for Industry). Sankei's full name is Sankei Kogyo. Obviously they collaberated on the Sparkling Mike/Sankei television and Robot 5-but until concrete evidence shows up-I do not believe that they are one and the same.

(Thanks to Steve for the valuable information)

Unlike Robbie The Roving Robot,Sparkling Mike features diamond shaped knee-caps,blue feet,and a hole on his chest.

Keywind,lithographed tinplate finished in silver,blue and red,with poseable head..

In operation he walks forward by means of moving legs and pind in the feet,arms swing at side ,sparks through port in chest..

An excellent piece with a spectacular family tree.

MC $ 960(GA)

MIOB $ 1450

Griffiths auction (9-12-00 )