JAPAN circa 1963-1965


Horikawa/SH Golden Gear Robot(1965) is a battery operated toy with a boxy tin head,arms, body and legs finished in glossy golden color,sparks come out of the chest,walks forward with moving arms and illuminated eyes/ears/dome...

Height - 23 cm/MIOB $500

Machine Robot made in 1963,battery operated ,white plastic dome on head, finished in dark grey/black color,lovely lithographed tinplate,when in operation robot strides with arms and antennas moving back/forth,illuminated head and chest,eight gears spin in chest ..

Height-29 cm/MIOB $400

Engine Gear Robot ,this is a variant made for the Japanese market, sports the Martian face,battery operated , two colored red and green,great lithographed tinplate, when in operation robot moves forward,arms move back and forth,4- plastic gears spin in chest ..

Height-23 cm/MIOB $250

Golden Gear plastic Robot,this is a colorful plastic variant,sports flexi-arms,strong wind-up mechanism,finished in golden and red colors,when in operation robot moves forward, four yellow plastic interlinked gears spin in chest ..

Height-22cm/MIOB $200