Maker: Ideal+Marx

USA circa 1954


Ideal's Robert The Robot represents the early American idea of a skirted robot..

Robert lacks legs and has a very classical-industrial period design.

He features a basic movement enabling him to go back,forth,left or right.If you turn the crank on his back,he talks!

..."I am Robert the Robot,Mechanical Man "...

This hard plastic giant also carries his own tools (hammer/screwdriver ,behind a round panel on his torso..,just incase of an emergency repair ..on the spot!!!

Please note that, early versions of this lovable toy, sport clear eye lenses.

Height - 37 cm

MIOB $250

Marx's Electric Robot n' Son, boasts the same height and body design with Robert ,it's finished in black and red colors(see also rare variant below ,in grey/maroon),and sports a large metallic aerial,a set of 3 tools,lighted-bulb eyes,tool drawer in chest,moving arms,morse code buzzer ,silver wrench-like hands..and ..his lovable Son..!!!


Height - 37 cm

MIOB(complete with tools/son) $450