Maker: Masudaya/MT

JAPAN circa 1958


The worlds first wireless radio remote controlled robot.It is battery operated.

Radicon has no litho and is instead finished in a steel gray textured finish giving him a true robot appearance. Torso is inset with an electric light and gauge. Controlled by a radio remote. The actions include moving forward & backward while also being able to turn. The eyes, mouth and ears light up. The loops or antenna's on the ear spin and reminds us of Robby. An outstanding example of skirted robots of the 50's..


These highly sought after collectable toys are made in Japan and feature the award winning box art packaging.

In the 1950's THE GANG OF FIVE robots were battery powered tin toys produced by Masudaya Corporation of Japan. These five "skirt" robots have become favorites among robot collectors. An original Machine Man recently sold at auction for $42,550.

Height - 20 inches /50.8 cm

MIOB $15.600

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00).