Maker: Nomura

JAPAN circa 1955

Nomura's Space Man is a battery operated astronaut commanded by a thin corded remote control,moves smoothly forward,holds a torch that illuminates,raises it's space rifle and fires to any suspicious galaxy invaders..

Colorful and highly detailed lithography graces this toy,with a combination of bright glossy red and silver colors.

The toy's legs and feet are identical to Naito Shoten's Deep Sea Robot,with the exception of the lithography, and the body and arms are taken from the Earth Man.

Original mint packaging is quite hard to find and features the Space Man cruising along with "Cragstan flashing lights" (from his torch and space helmet)...

The battery compartment/remote control has a simple design,sports a space missile and it has "battery box" written ,on the top..

Height-23 cm

MIOB $4.800

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00)