Maker: Noguchi/S.Y

JAPAN circa 1965



• Founded 1960's
• Tokyo/Japan

An obscure Japanese toymaker that is also thought to have been a division of Nomura.

Noguchi was also known as N, and they were best known for their limited line of paddle walking wind up robots and astronauts...
Also Naito Shoten is believed that they were a division of or worked closely with Nomura.

If you still have second thoughts about the S.Y/Noguchi/Naito Shoten connection please take a look above at this variant of the S.Y Robot with Spark/antenna. It's been released under the Noguchi logo.

Above you can see the rare red version with the original box which is very hard to locate in this condition. It is called Robot with Spark..


Height - 7 1/2 inches /19.1 cm

silver antenna version (N) MIOB $650 (Griffiths auction - start price $ bids!)

silver plain version (SY )MIOB $480

blue version (SY) MIOB $1.560

red version (SY) MIOB $840

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00)