Maker: Louis Marx & Co

JAPAN circa 1961(Blue)-1963(Brown)

This is one of the most impressive robots of all time.

There were 3 versions of Mr Mercury,from right to left in the picture above:Blue with plastic arms and dome light(1961),blue with metalic arms(1962),and finally a brown/golden version (1963).

As proudly described in his box,Mr Mercury walks-bows-raises,lowers arms-opens,closes arms-grasps objects..

Mr Mercury appeared in the Sears Catalogue (1961).

The box artwork is equally impressive ,with Mr Mercury lifting up space rocks and heavy boxes with an amazing scene of a Lunar landscape,and Planet Earth floating in the background..

Below is an interesting ancient woodstone carving that gives away Mr Mercury's.... "designing influences"..

Height - 32 cm

MIOB blue-$1.350


MIOB brown-$840(box a bit tatty)

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00).