Maker: Tokyo Plaything Co ltd

Japan circa 1970


TPS, also known as Tokyo Playthings Ltd. • Founded 1950's • Tokyo/Japan, best known by their "three fingers" logo type and initials. They were a third tier manufacturer, and TPS was most active in the late 1950's and early 1960's focusing mainly on the younger child's market segments and creating toys with colorful lithography. The company's current disposition is unknown, but they were assumed to have vanished during the market glut in the early 1970's.


TPS's Traffic Light Robot is both mysterious and amazing..

Approx 600 pieces were made ...

It isn't actually a robot and it looks that TPS designed it for advertising purposes or an exclusive one off commercial appearance..

Traffic Light Robot is a wicked blend of ideas taken from Asahi's Mr robot,Ideal's Mr Machine and SY's Mego Man....

It boasts a metallic silver body with four colorful interlinked plastic gears, moving stop-n-go arms,two small plastic wheels to move around and sports a plastic-made traffic light as a... head! Below enjoy a picture of it's box,courtesy of Alphadrome.