Maker: S.Y/Mego

JAPAN circa 1956


Despite the fact that SY created a very successful line of great robot toys,very little is known about this Japanese toymaker..

This weird looking tin mechanical beauty has a rectangular body,and features smooth cruising action,swinging arms,bell ringing,and a head with an opening and closing mouth...

It's legs are powered by two large colorful wheels and sports a laughing face with a black and white tin hat, with his name on it.

Height-7 inches/17.8 cm

Bell version-MC $960(a pair of Megomen at Griffiths auction 9-12-00) .

Mr. Griffith, was a legendary figure in the world of toy collecting. He began collecting during his childhood as he witnessed the end of the horse-drawn era and continued through the beginning of man’s quest for the stars. His passion for collecting continued for more than seventy years and he succeeded in assembling an extraordinary collection of particularly rare robots and cast-iron toys in superb condition”...Mr. Griffith was a longtime collector of robot rarities, so when his estate was consigned by Sotheby's and sold in December (2000), it was no surprise that the collection topped $1.4 million.

God bless our dearest Griff.

*Mego Man - It's presale estimate was $50,000-$70,000.

*picture courtesy of Sothebys