Maker: Masudaya/MT

JAPAN circa 1955


Masudaya's Machine Man is one of the famed "Gang of 5" skirted robots.

They're a "Gang" because they share body and arm stampings as well as drive mechanisms.

Machine Man is a big battery operated skirted robot and features bump-n'-go action,a beautiful illuminated square head and some amazing abstract tin lithographics..

Exceedingly scarce,Machine Man is probably the most desirable member of the infamous "Gang of 5"..

Precisely how many of Machine Man robots exist is not certain..

Robert Johnson from Comettoys reckons there are approximately 14 that are unboxed and , a total of four with their original boxes,and also says the Machine Man box was made in two formats.. horizontal and vertical.

In comparing auction prices paid for unboxed Machine Man robots over the past few years , an example in excellent condition sold at Sotheby's in November 1996 as part of the Matt Wyse Collection for $42,550.At the Griffiths auction 9-12-00, another in excellent condition sold for $38,125. Last year a Machine Man assessed as 'good to very good' achieved $27,500 at Randy's Inman's.(info by Catherine Saunders-Watson)

Reproduction miniatures of the original "Gang of 5" were made in 1999 by Masudaya and soon after, they were discontinued.

You will probably notice a "sixth member of the Gang".. Giant Robot, never went into full production because of the commercial failure of its predecessor, Machine Man.

Height-15 inches/38.1 cm

MC $38.125

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00)