Maker: Linemar

JAPAN circa 1957

Linemar's Spaceman is a rare toy and it is quite enigmatic/unclear as to... who made it!

Once again a Linemar product is clearly influenced by another manufacturer,in this case Nomura.

Careful examination of it's lithographics, space gun holster,ammo pouches,space rifle,legs,feet suggest that the toy is purely Nomura's...

It's small round helmeted head ,also reminds us of a Naito Shoten design..

It is battery operated with a smooth walking action while the helmet light illuminates.

The original box of the Spaceman is very scarce and if found in mint condition it fetches a lot of money,just think that the Spaceman alone sold for $1800 at Griffiths auction....

Height-8 inches

MC $1.800

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00)