Maker: Asakusa A-1 Toy Company

JAPAN circa 1968


Asakusa district in northern Tokyo known as an enterainment district as well as for its temples and toy/textile shopping. Prior to World War 2, Asakusa was the main all night entertainment area of Tokyo.

Japanese lithographed tin and plastic toys,particularly robots, space patrol cars and space stations,marched into the American market in the 1960's.

The Asakusa Thunder Robot is battery operated,with mechanical walking action,a spinning antenna mounted on top of head helps him navigate to his one life's purpose......(to seek-'n'-destroy everything in it's path)!

Thunder has 2 guns mounted in the palms,green plastic eyes and a rotating red inner head-light as he strolls smoothly. When he stops moving, he raises up it's arms and begins a deadly assault, firing merciless!

Repros available nowadays,in silver/blue,and brown/red.