Maker: Waco/Marubishi

JAPAN circa 1955


The Hook Robot is a real gem,one of the most desirable robot toys among knowledgeable collectors/dealers.

Made by Waco (Marubishi was an exporter that stuck their trademark over the Waco one).

The Hook robot belongs to the skirted robot family and is friction powered with a really smooth movement,lovely litho'ed tin plate,features a hook on the top of it's boxy head, arms freely moving,head turns back and forth..

Hook Robot came out in 2 versions: lighter blue coloured with the red mouth and blue with silver mouth.

I believe both versions are seen in equal amount.

Original mint box is extremely hard to find and it reads,"Robot",so..keep your eyes open!


Height - 7 1/2 inches / 19.1 cm

MIOB $ 8.400

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00)

(Thank you Steve for the toy pic and the makers info--- Box pic courtesy of Alphadrome).