Maker: Louis Marx & Co

USA circa 1967

Louis Marx & Co pioneered innovative,affordable,mass produced toys for the American market ,and in the late 60's, Marx finally "strike it lucky" with the release of their two most succesful products....the Hi-Bouncer Moon Scout (1967) and Colonel Hap Hazard (1968).

Hi-Bouncer Moon Scout is battery operated and controlled by a simple corded remote control,sports a silver spacesuit with a couple of golden zips and icey blue space-boots n' matching gloves! A true fashion cosmonaut!

Like it's fellow brother Hap ,Hi-bouncer features the human face behind the plastic shield. Though this time there is a bit of happiness in his face!

Remember Colonel Hap and his dead serious face expression?

Original packaging is hard to locate and almost doubles the toy's value..


Height-11 1/2 inches

MIOB $3.600