Maker: Sankei/SNK

JAPAN circa 1955



• Founded 1950's
• Tokyo/Japan

... a small time Japanese toymaker.Little else is known of SNK, and it's position remains unclear.

"SNK is best remembered for it's line of blocky,primitive looking silver robots with entertaining names!

SNK is not another name for Sankei-it stands for Shin Nichi Kogyo. (Kogyo is japanese for Industry). Sankei's full name is Sankei Kogyo. Obviously they collaberated on the Sparkling Mike/Sankei television and Robot 5-but until concrete evidence shows up-I do not believe that they are one and the same".
Thanks to Steve,for the valuable information.

Flashy Jim is a battery operated gem,controlled by a simple remote contol,which features forward walking motion and illuminated eyes,differs from its other brothers of the SNK family(Sparkling Mike,Robbie Roving Robot) in terms of operation and lithographic chest detailing..

Height-7 inches