Maker: Yonezawa

JAPAN circa 1957

Directional Robot is the only battery operated Yonezawa skirted robot that features a turning head action,..when the robot strikes an object(hence its popular name).

It also features ,a square metal head(with a surprisingly long/thin neck),eye and head-signal illumination,and swinging arms while operating.

Original mint packaging is adding greatly to it's value and is not often seen..

Near the end of 1964,Yonezawa marketed an essentially identical robot,including the packaging,with a few small designing changes such as the removal of the relief-stamped patterns to the left and right of the litho gauge array,also different tabbed connection points (located to the outside panels of it's skirt).

This is the Buzzer Robot ,a rare variant of the Directional robot(photo c/o Alphadrome).


MIOB $1.400