Maker: TN/ Nomura

JAPAN circa 1956



Nomura's Space Commando features mechanical walking,a helmeted partial face appearance,and a great detailed lithograghy for an early period astronaut..

Space Commando holds his deadly killer laser rifle in the right hand,has a back-up pistol on his brown belt and plenty of ammunition!

It is quite obvious that Space Commando's appearance and its space guns is related to the Deep Sea Diver variants of Naito Shoten...

Many of us collectors believe that Naito Shoten was an allied manufacturer who supplied Nomura with artistic design ideas and assembly services.

The box features amazing space artwork and it's really hard to find!

Height - 19 cm

At Griffiths auction (9-12-00),the Space Commando box ONLY sold for .... $2.160, along with Mars Space Trip / Lucky Go-Round / Space Fire Dpt robot boxes!