Maker: Unknown

JAPAN circa 1949


The '50s, is considered a golden age for space toys, one reason for which was the launch of Sputnik in 1956, as well as TV shows such as "Captain Video" and movies such as "Destination Moon" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

The second robot toy ever produced after the treasurous Lilliput robot ,is The Atomic Robot Man, a wind-up toy with a stop-n-go red switch ,features a facial expression described as "the look of a "tin woodsman" with a pressure cooker for a face" ,barrel chest,and walks with a strange side-to-side jerky motion as spikes under foot alternately push down and raise up!

Though recently being reproduced by thousands from our Chinese friends in a look-a-like box, Atomic Robot Man have kept it's precious market value among the devoted robot collectors..After all, being the second robot toy in history, isn't a bad thing!

Height -5 1/4 inches / 13.3 cm

MIOB $ 1.320

MC $ 480

(Griffiths auction 9-12-00)